“There is a spiritual, one might say, ethereal quality to the work”
(Michael D Higgins)


Jim Kavanagh is a London born, Irish artist who lives and works in Co. Galway. He obtained a Degre in Fine Art at the University of Middlesex, going on to teach at third level for a number of years before developing his own art career. His semi-abstract and visionary landscapes attracted interest from several art critics, and due to the success of his London exhibitions, he was able to finish teaching and paint full-time at his studio in South London. His paintings are held in private collections in Ireland, Portugal, England, USA, Hong Kong and Australia. In 2001, Jim moved to Ireland where he set up his studio and his well-established Art School – Jim Kavanagh Art School. He has had several successful exhibitions in Galway and Dublin.

In 2006 he produced the book ‘Western Journey’ (Arlen Press) in collaboration with poet Richard Dyer. In 2008 he had a show at the Galway City Museum for which he produced a DVD Bog-Land-Scapes. He has also featured in RTE’s Nationwide. In 2015 Jim had a major show in the Market Street Gallery in Galway called ‘The Cosmological Sublime – As I See It’, where over 1000 people visited the show during its two weeks of opening. The Sublime (or experiential Sublime) is a term that has come to populate much of Jim’s thought in connection to his recent work. The inspiration for much of his work has arisen from years of visiting galleries looking at Old Master paintings. William Turner and the 19th century Romanticism have played a large part in shaping his craft, simulating their techniques such as scumbling and glazing. Other influences come from artists such as Rothko, Rembrandt and Nolde. His current work is returning to his original interest in experimenting with
colour and atmospherics. He describes his new work as being like 'colour portals', examples of which can be seen here.

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